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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

March 15, 2020

Cambridge Kips Gymnastics Club values the health and wellbeing of our athletes, their families and our staff.  Given the current fluid state with COVID-19, I would like to share the decision to suspend ALL recreational and competitive training until March 22, 2020.  

This decision is in response to the City of Cambridge's decision to close all municipally-run cultural and recreational facilities effective March 16th 2020.  We will monitor the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and national partners as they provide more information and will make decisions for the weeks to follow as we have more information.

As more information is known, we will communicate that to our members as soon as possible.  

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Jason Macintosh
Kips President

Developmental 1
Age 5-6 
Training 6hrs/week

In the Developmental program, we are expecting that the athletes have improved their strength and shapes to the point where the focus becomes perfecting these shapes alongside developing a greater skill base. These athletes should understand the need for discipline, hard work, focus and attention to detail, and should begin to work on a general understanding of self motivation and goal setting. Skills from Levels 1-3 of the Junior Olympic program will be taught per each athlete’s physical, mental and emotional capability. Intermediate classes stream into the Senior Petite Elite program, Developmental program, or Pre-Invitational program depending on the ability and goals of the athletes and their families.
Developmental 2
Ages 7-8
Training 8hrs/week

In the Developmental program, a high degree of form is expected for all shaping exercises, as well as a basic consistency with Level 1-3 skills in the Junior Olympic program. The principles of work ethic and discipline should be demonstrated on a regular basis, and a greater understanding of goal setting and self motivation should be established with the help of the coach. These athletes will focus on furthering their foundation of gymnastics skills in preparation for our compulsory or pre-invitational programs.
Invitation Programs
Athlete age 8 and up
Training 8-12hrs

Athletes applying to enter the invitational team will come from our Developmental, Recreational, or from evaluation from another club. Athletes will participate in Ontario Competitive Program invitational meets from Gymnastics Ontario. Athletes will participate in Compulsory routines or Optional routine. Athletes entering this program over the age of 9 will be able to apply to join the provincial team after competing one year in the invitational stream.
Provincial Compulsory Programs
Athlete age 9+
Training 12-16hrs

Athletes will apply to be accepted into the provincial 3-5 team. Athletes will participate in 3 Gymnastics Ontario Qualifiers and potentially earn a place to attend the Ontario Championships. Athletes accepted into this program should be striving to continue to increase their level of competition, yearly or bi-yearly. Athlete’s hours are higher than those in the invitational program to allow more focus on execution and skill development. Athletes will follow the JO Compulsory routines set from USA Gymnastics. Athletes will have a strong conditioning program, bi-monthly physical testing and quarterly skill testing.
Provincial Competitive Programs
Athlete age 9+
Training 16-20hrs

Athletes entering the Provincial team will be evaluated from the Invitational programs, Provincial level 3-5 program and/or from another clubs. Athletes accepted into this program will compete in 3 qualifiers, if eligible may participate at tour selection and could qualify for Ontario Championships as an all-around athlete or if eligible as an event specialist. After provincial season is over athletes may be asked to participate at invitational meets. These athletes will compete at levels 6 and up with focus on technical development. Athletes will have a strong conditioning program, bi-monthly physical testing and quarterly skill testing.
Elite Competitive Programs
Athlete age 9+
Training 22+ hrs

Athletes showing strong drive, dedication and focus to performing to higher standards can be invited into the Elite program. This program will give athletes more time to focus on skill development, more advanced skills will take more prep time. This program focus will be on aiming to get athletes to the national level.
Participation in Cambridge Kips competitive program is by invitational only. Anyone interested in joining or trying out for the competitive program can contact our WAG Co-ordinator Amanda Van Steijn at  for more information.