Welcome to the Cambridge Kips Gymnastics Club! Participation in our gymnastics programs will give your child a stage on which to develop confidence, determination, appreciation for dedicated effort, and self-respect. Your child will also have a lot of fun along the way! We offer a wide range of classes from first time athletes, of any age, to seasoned veterans in the sport. Our  programs include recreational artistic boys and girls, trampoline, tumbling, urban tumbling, kindergym, and Parent and tot classes.
The Facility
Cambridge Kips Gymnastics is located in the Preston area of Cambridge. The Kips Main Campus gym with full equipment and a seperate gymnasium with specialized equipment for our younger athletes.

Congratulations to our 3-5 Champions

Riley Keenan: 5th Place Uneven Bars
Lily Miller: 2nd Place Vault
Hannah Krease: 4th place Floor, 8th Place Balance Beam
Zoey Hawco: 2nd Place Vault, 4th Place Balance Beam, 3rd Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!
Chloe Lukezich: 5th Place Balance Beam
Jessica Pasca: 2nd Place Uneven Bars, 6th Place Floor, 4th Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!
Grace Baillargeon: 2nd Place Uneven Bars
Brianna Annion: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place Uneven Bars, 3rd Place Balance Beam, 4th Place Floor, 1st Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!
Brooke Harding: 8th Place Vault, 4th Place Floor, 6th Place Balance Beam, 4th Place Floor, 4th Place ALL AROUND CHAMPION!

Congratulations to all of our athletes that attended Championships

Very proud of our level 3 team for tying for 3rd place!

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